Freaky Felines

Free mint for Good Fortune Felines and active NEAR community members

Freaky Feline Lore

Freaky Felines were launched to celebrate Halloween 2022 and reward active members of the NEAR community. The Freaky Feline artwork was created by Funksteady, a renowned artist in the NEAR and Solana NFT ecosystems. All Good Fortune Feline holders were allocated a free mint. NEAR community members could apply for the Freaky Scholarship to be rewarded with a Free Freaky Feline as well!

There is a max supply of 2,500 Freaky Feline NFTs. You can mint a Freaky Feline for 50,000 NEKO here or purchase on the secondary market via Paras and Apollo.

Freaky Feline Utilities

Freaky Felines are packed with utilities that drive real value to the collection! The future Gen01 Good Fortune Felines collection will be free for GFF holders to mint but only if you also hold a Freaky Feline. Additionally, Freaky Felines will be whitelisted on the Jump DeFi NFT Staking Platform to earn the top level of JUMP and NEKO token rewards! No other collection will earn as much JUMP and NEKO token. Stay tuned for more epic Freaky Feline utilities that might be unveiled later in 2023.
Freaky Feline Rarity Chart