💰Fortune Pool NFT Staking

Good Fortune Feline NFTs can be staked to earn a 10% allocation of the total NEKO supply

The Good Fortune Felines NFT collection helped fund initial development and establish the core NEKO community. In return for their early support, Good Fortune Felines are rewarded with 10% (1 Billion) of the total NEKO token supply. This NEKO allocation is vested to the Good Fortune Felines linearly over 2 years by staking the NFTs in the Fortune Pool.

With traditional vesting, locked tokens remain unproductive as investors wait to slowly receive their allocations. By packaging the NEKO token distribution into Good Fortune Felines NFTs; the value of locked NEKO tokens live inside the NFTs, which are liquid and easily tradable.

The NFT staking delivery method includes several additional value add dynamics. There is a limited distribution of NEKO tokens available to the Good Fortune Feline NFTs, and they must be staked to access it. Participants who engage with the protocol are rewarded with NEKO while unstaked NFTs miss out on the distribution. This encourages holders to keep their Good Fortune Felines staked and away from marketplace listings; fostering scarcity within the collection.

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