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Neko is the hub of the creator economy on NEAR protocol

Content Creation is our Core

NEKO is leading the way for content creation centered around the NEAR ecosystem. Currently, there is a lack of enjoyable-to-consume educational content about NEAR Protocol and NEKO creators are working to solve this. Educating new users is a mandatory step in the onboarding process for bringing mass adoption to NEAR Protocol.

NEKO leverages TikTok and YouTube to reach a wide audience. NEKO is giving NEAR Protocol a massive presence on TikTok that is unique to any other layer one blockchain. All it takes is one viral video to reach millions of potential new users overnight!

2.5% (250 Million) of the total NEKO token supply is rewarded to creators for making content under the NEKO umbrella.

Content creators are rewarded with NEKO to make educational content about the NEAR Protocol ecosystem. NEKO content creators breakdown DeFi, NFTs and development on NEAR in a format that is easy for anyone to understand.

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Making NEAR Protocol easier to build on

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