Air Neko NFT Airdrop

Air NEKO NFT Airdrop

2.5% (250 Million) of the total NEKO token supply will be distributed to the NEAR community including active NFT projects. The Air Neko Airdrop is delivered to recipients via NFTs that can be staked to earn the NEKO token allocation. Participants receive an "Air Neko" NFT which is deposited in the Jump DeFi NFT Staking Platform to access the NEKO airdrop allocation.

Air Neko Allocation

  • 2.50% (250 Million) of the NEKO supply is allocated to the NEAR Community and Strategic Partners.

    • 5,000 QTY Air Neko NFTs airdropped for free to the NEAR Community and NFT Projects

    • Stake Air Neko NFTs in the Jump DeFi NFT Staking Platform to earn 2.50% of NEKO token supply

    • Vesting Duration: 3 Months

What is an Airdrop?

An airdrop distributes tokens in mass to a group of users. Airdrops play a critical role in distributing initial liquidity, rewarding early evangelists and promoting the launch of a new token. However, there are major flaws attached to the traditional airdrop model. These flaws often cause more harm than good at the early stages of a project's lifespan.

NFT technology can be used to eliminate the negative impacts of tradition airdrops while adding key benefits. Jump DeFi is leading the charge on these innovations. Read more in "How NFTs Will Change Crypto Airdrops Forever" by Trove Labs.

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