😼Good Fortune Felines

1,608 Good Fortune Felines are the foundation of the NEKO community

Good Fortune Felines are a collection of 1,608 NEAR NFTs that represent the foundation of the NEKO ecosystem. Good Fortune Feline holders are leaders of the inclusive NEKO community that welcomes new users to NEAR.

Good Fortune Felines gain access to the earliest form of NEKO rewards. 10% (1 Billion) of the total NEKO supply is distributed to the Good Fortune Felines over 2 years via NFT staking in the Fortune Pool.

  • 1,608 Good Fortune Felines = 1 Billion NEKO released linearly over 2 years

  • Good Fortune Felines earn 852 NEKO per day for 2 years by staking in the Fortune Pool

Once Fortune Pool staking is complete, Good Fortune Felines will migrate to the Jump DeFi NFT Staking Platform where they will earn the top level of JUMP token rewards!

Staking in the Fortune Pool isn't the only way that Felines earn NEKO... Good Fortune Felines can assemble Trait Factions and earn even more NEKO rewards!

Trait Factions

Trait Factions started organically when Good Fortune Feline holders with matching traits formed clubs in Discord. These sub-communities grew in popularity quickly and ignited an even higher level of engagement from the community.

Trait Factions are made up from a group of Good Fortune Feline NFTs that share a common trait. For example, the "Top Hat Gang" Trait Faction consists of all Good Fortune Feline NFTs that have the "Top Hat" trait.

The NEKO community votes on the addition of new Trait Factions. It is important to note that not all traits will have a Trait Faction.

Each Trait Faction will have their own responsibilities and tasks that members can accomplish for NEKO rewards. The Trait Factions enable members to earn more NEKO by completing tasks that are designed to help grow the community.

Dynamic Trait Based NEKO Boost

Every month a new Good Fortune Feline NFT trait is randomly selected to receive the Dynamic Trait Based NEKO Boost which increases its NEKO emissions rate by 25%. This drives demand for a different assortment of Good Fortune Feline NFTs that rotates on a monthly basis. Even traits that are not highly valued normally will see elevated demand when selected to receive the Trait Based NEKO Boost. In the future, there will be opportunities for Trait Factions to win the monthly Trait Based NEKO Boost as well.

Good Fortune Felines

It all started with the Good Fortune Felines...

There are 1,608 uniquely fortunate felines owned by the strongest NEKO community members. Good Fortune Felines are building infrastructure to help onboard the next wave of users on NEAR Protocol. Good Fortune Feline NFTs can be staked in the Fortune Pool to earn 10% (1 Billion) of the total NEKO supply.

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