NEKO is the first meme coin and creator empowerment token on NEAR Protocol

NEKO Token

NEKO was born as the first meme coin on NEAR Protocol, filling a key role in the ecosystem. Meme coins are extremely effective at onboarding new users into crypto and this momentum will help bring mass adoption to NEAR Protocol. NEKO unites the NEAR ecosystem under a meme-powered force that the entire community can rally behind!
Going beyond the memes, NEKO token powers the creator economy on NEAR Protocol. Professional content creators are rewarded in NEKO to make educational content about the NEAR ecosystem. NEKO introduced the Learn to Earn movement that rewards our audience for engaging with NEKO content.
The NEKOSYSTEM offers robust rewards powered by memes, the strongest NEAR community and Web3 content creation!


NEKO is the first on NEAR to program a tax into the token metadata!
  • NEKO Tax: There is a smol 5% tax on NEKO when sold. Half of the tax is automatically burned, introducing a highly deflationary mechanic. The other half of the tax fee is deposited into the Fortune Cookie Vault.
  • Fortune Cookie (COOKIE): For a small fee, users can bake their NEKO tokens into Fortune Cookies (COOKIE) via the Fortune Factory. COOKIE tokens are deposited into the Fortune Cookie Vault to earn the NEKO fees generated by taxes and baking.
  • Fortune Pool: Stake Good Fortune Feline NFTs to access 10% allocation of NEKO token supply.

Educate, Onboard and Inspire

Rewarding creators and growing the NEAR community!

NEKO is growing the creator economy on NEAR Protocol by rewarding content creators and viewers. NEKO is partnered with crypto content creators to deliver educational content about the NEAR Protocol ecosystem.
Content creation is a very powerful tool in the digital age. Many new crypto investors rely on YouTube and TikTok to learn about crypto. NEKO content will be the first thing people find when they go to research about NEAR Protocol and our community will be the first to greet them!
NEKO is raising awareness about NEAR Protocol, Web3 and DeFi by creating educational content on top platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. Creators are rewarded with NEKO token to make crypto content. Viewers are paid in NEKO to learn to earn.

Learn to Earn

The NEKO Learn to Earn initiative is the first to reward users for increasing their crypto knowledge! Users can earn 2.5% (250 Million) of the total NEKO supply by learning from NEKO content.
Incredible utility driven economies have formed around improving health via walk to earn dApps like SweatCoin and StepN. Just like there is value in improving health, there is extreme value in learning too!

Good Fortune Felines

There are 1,608 uniquely fortunate felines owned by the strongest NEKO community members. Good Fortune Felines are building infrastructure to help onboard the next wave of users on NEAR Protocol. Good Fortune Feline NFTs can be staked in the Fortune Pool to earn 10% (1 Billion) of the total NEKO supply.
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