First Memer Advantage

When it comes to meme coins, first mover advantage is critical
Love it or hate it, every smart contract blockchain needs a meme coin that the entire community can rally behind. On Solana there is Samoyed “SAMO” coin and on NEAR Protocol there is NEKO token!
First mover advantage is a big deal for meme coins that often leads to securing the #1 spot within the entire ecosystem. NEKO is the first mover meme coin on NEAR Protocol!
The theme of first mover success is consistent with meme coins on every smart contracts blockchain; especially on Solana with "SAMO" coin. At all time highs, SAMO reached a market cap of over $585 million and $1.86 billion fully diluted.
If you are bullish on the growth of NEAR Protocol, the value proposition of NEKO is very straightforward.

The NEKO IDO will launch at a fully diluted valuation of only $500K. This is 3720x lower than SAMO at all time highs.